The Great Plant Hunt

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About The Great Plant Hunt


Excelsoft, a company based in Mysore, is a provider of innovative technology-based solutions in the education and training space. The company architects, designs and develops large technology solutions and digital content for some of the best known corporations, worldwide.

Excelsoft’s clientele includes global leaders in educational services such as Pearson Education, Cengage Learning, Infinitas Learning, the Guardian Media Group, University of Oxford, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Whizz Education, JISC-TOIA and others.

Having worked with reputed clients and partners over the decade, Excelsoft has acquired a deep understanding of the value Information and Communication Technology can provide in enhancing the teaching and learning efficiency. The company has also gathered a significant amount of experiences and best practices in school education. This knowledge has enabled the company to create powerful solutions that deliver great learning experiences and make schools effective centres of learning.

Saving seeds represents long term, low cost insurance Founded in 1759, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has been collecting, cataloguing, researching and making information available about plants and fungi for centuries.

Kew is a global repository for plant science, holding more than 7 million dried and pressed plant specimens, over 35,000 living types of plant, and more than 1bn seeds in the Millennium Seed Bank. Kew was awarded World Heritage Site status in 2003 – the first botanic garden in the world to receive this status, and recognition of its contribution to natural heritage

Kew’s knowledge and expertise in taxonomy, along with its understanding of the vital importance of plants and their habitats, has helped it become a world leader in supporting plant conservation. Kew supports specialists in documenting, conserving and promoting sustainable use of our precious plant resources. But we can all do our bit. With this project, Kew aims to encourage future generations to do the same and follow in Kew scientists’ and enthusiasts’ footsteps, elping to look after plants.

The Wellcome Trust is the most diverse biomedical research charity in the world, spending around £600 million every year both in the UK and internationally to support and promote research that will improve the health of humans and animals.

The Trust is committed to engaging with the public on science and has a strong interest in supporting science teachers through initiatives such as theUK National Science Learning Centre (

To celebrate 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin, the Wellcome Trust commissioned, developed and funded a unique and ambitious set of projects to engage the widest UK public with Darwin, his ideas, and his influence on contemporary science and culture.

The Trust provided Darwin-inspired practical activity kits for every state school in the UK. The Great Plant Hunt is the Wellcome Trust’s offering for primary schools.

The Trust has also developed the Tree of Life – an interactive fly-through of evolution on Earth, narrated by Sir David Attenborough- as well as Darwin-inspired visual arts, poetry and short film projects, placing Darwin and evolution into contemporary culture.

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